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MCMG 29. November 2020

Jolly Hard Times
Contemporary music live stream

What to do when the curiosity of artists about each other is limited by a virus? And encounters are inevitably reduced to virtual space? If a concert tour from Munich to Georgia were to fail, if colleagues could only play among themselves here and there - would there not be the World Wide Web?
There are more possibilities than what is usually done today. The Munich Contemporary Music Group (MCMG), together with voice artist Julia Wahren, is not only doing a live stream. They make distance and obstacles the subject of their music and their performance. They interact with the audience.
They send Munich Soundscapes to Georgia to transform them into new Tbilisi music. And the colleagues from there also send something for the Munich folks to work with. And they all play together, yes, despite the distance of thousands of kilometres and despite nearly one minute that their bits and bytes need for the journey.
Experimental music, experimental language, across borders and genres. Interactive, risky, funny and highly communicative. One hundred percent today.

Karina Erhard - flute
Eka Kuparadze - piano
Christoph Reiserer – saxophone, clarinet
Georg Karger - bass

Julia Wahren - voice


Julia Wahren (*1968)
Infectious Intermezzo after Kurt Schwitters for voice and ensemble

Michael Emanuel Bauer (*1974)
for voice, flute and piano (2019)

Karina Erhard (*1972), Julia Wahren
High Hygiene
Corona rules for ensemble and voice

Christoph Reiserer (*1966)
for ensemble and audience
(2020) UA

Karina Erhard, Julia Wahren
Loloop for John Donne. Noboy Is an Island.
for ensemble, loop and voice
Texts: Albert Camus ‘The Plague’; John Donne ‘Nobody Is an Island’

Ensemble MCMG,
Christopher Manning, Zuka Mchedlishvili
Georg Karger (*1956) CORONAVERSE Munich Soundscape
Double stream with ensembles and recording

MCMG performs contemporary music within unusual concert situations. With flute, clarinet/saxophone, double bass and piano the ensemble realizes premiers of new compositions and cooperates with artists from various fields.

Julia Wahren makes sound and voice art, performance and film, on stages and in public spaces, in Munich and internationally, and enjoys working with colleagues from all corners of the globe. She combines the disciplines depending on the topic, much of it under her label SOUND ART + DRAMA.

Christopher Manning is a young New York-native eclectic and experimental artist, who now resides in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Zuka Mchedlishvili is a Georgian musician and sound artist from Tbilisi, Georgia
Special thanks to:

Landeshauptstadt München KULTURREFERAT

Mastermix Studio - www.mastermixstudio.de

Hardware Software Engineer & Sound Artist Nikoloz Kapanadze -

Tbilisi Contemporary Music Festival
for the inspiration of our stream-project

We also thank IT-specialist and our friend Alex Korchagin for counselling of technical problems

Karina Erhard (Flute)

The Munich based flutist and saxophonist Karina Erhard mainly works on contemporary chamber music, improvisation and performance. Above that she searches for the contact point and crossover with the other arts. Karina Erhard studied flute in the Netherlands at the Conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht. With various chamber music groups she played at international festivals amongst others Nuovi Spazi Musicali (I), Music Accord (F), Gaudeamus Muziekweek/NL, Ciclo de Música Contemporánea (E), Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt, Goettingen International Handel Festival, und Münchener Biennale (D). She won prizes such as the 'Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition', Tera de Marez Oyens Prijs. Numerous composers have dedicated works to her, ranging from pieces for solo flute to chamber music for her ensembles.
Christoph Reiserer (Saxophone, Clarinet / Composition)

Christoph Reiserer was born 1966 in Wasserburg am Inn. He studied musicology, music education and philosophy in Munich and Berlin and took private lessons in composition with Stefan Zorzor. He has been producing his own projects since 1998 for example up & down (2001 at the Deutschen Museum), so far (2003 as artist-in-residence at the CCA in Glasgow) and fluX 2008 for the 850th anniversary of the City of Munich. During the last years his work incorporated more an more video and electronics, including the sound installation tisch (2005), U-Musik (2006 in Munich underground stations) und tunnel ende (2010 at Klangspuren Schwaz). Furthermore he composed two chamber operas: Und wenn wir dann soweit sind, können wir anfangen (2007) and Die Nacht des Brokers (2010). At the Münchener Biennale he realized the concert installation some work at the Museum Villa Stuck. He has received several grants and prizes, for instance a 2nd prize at the Leipzig Improvisation Competition in 1997 and the Förderpreis für Musik from the City of Munich in 2009. 2016 he was Artist-in-Residence in Košice/Slowakia.
Eka Kuparadze (Piano)

The Georgian-German pianist Eka Kuparadze performed regularly at youth music festivals in her homeland (among others with the orchestra of the Georgian radio).
At the age of eleven she completed her first concert tour of the Baltic states.
1989-1994 Eka Kuparadze was the young student at Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili musical Gymnasium for gifted children, teach.Veronika Tumanishvili.
1994-1999 she studied at the Tbilisi State V. Saradjishvili Conservatoir at the georgian pianist Prof. Nino Katamadze. Eka Kuparadze graduated with a diploma as a concert pianist as well as in artistic akkopmaniment and piano pedagogy.
A special interest of Eka Kuparadze is the music of Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Shostakovich and Scriabin, as well as contemporary composers.
Since 2009, she lives and works in Munich. Since 2016-founder and member of the Ensemble MCMG (Munich Contemporary Music group).


Georg Karger (Double Bass)

Georg studied classical upright bass and began touring with German entertainer and TV personality Michael Schanze. He worked as a studio musician in TV and film, before embarking on his own exploration of musical borderlands. As a free lance musician he has played with jazz musicians Limpe Fuchs, Viktor Laszlo, Johnny Logan, Elmar Raida, but kept one foot in the classical world with engagements at the Bavarian State Opera and the Munich Symphonic Orchestra. He has toured with New York saxophonist Lars Haake and played in the orchestras of the musicals "Chicago”, "City of Angels” and "West Side Story”. For Bavarian Network television he wrote the sound tracks for the comedy "Zum Sterben schön” and for the series "Tom und die Biberbande”.