Ensembles & Partner
Here are some groupes and people I play music or theater or do other things with.
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piano possibile
Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
Le Fourohr
Rich in Knuckles


Zoro Babel up & down (2001)
Neil Davidson improvised music (since 2003)
Peter Dowling t-u-b-e netmeeting 2006
Sabine Fahrenholz Kinderszenen (2005)
Nick Fells allocation dynamics (2005)
Limpe Fuchs improvised music
Laura KonjetzkyfluX 2008, Kleine Asphaltschritte (2008)
Mathis Mayr corrupted loop (2006), sculpture dub (2006)
Cornelie Müller Marsch Marsch (1994), Grüngold (1995), Blaupause (2001)
Martin Parker t-u-b-e netmeeting 2006
Alexeij Sagerer Operation Raumschiff (1999/2000), Simulationsflüge (2000)
Alexander Strauch Joe & Max (2005)
Tamiko Thiel secret movements (2003)
Burt/MacDonald 5 improvised music (since 2003)
MGNM Musikfeste 1996-2005
Musik zum Anfassen concerts for children (since 2000)
Tonie Meilhamer Somph - improvised painting- und musicperformances (1997[?]-2002)
Peter Graf internetsupport